The World Cup and The NBA Draft

The World cup is in full swing and Cristiano Ronaldo has given Portugal a 1-0 lead over Morocco with a header in the fourth minute. This year has not been the same as years past with the US not fielding a team. But, the few games that I have been able to watch have been fantastic and full of excitement. So find a TV this weekend and watch the games as we start to see who is going to come out of each group.
The NBA draft is on tomorrow and my Phoenix Suns are expected to do the right thing and take Ayton. If for some reason they lose their minds and take Doncic I will stop watching them for the rest of my life. If the Suns went outside of expectation and drafted Marvin Bagley III, I would actually be ok with that. He is a talented big that could develop into a monster in the NBA.
All of this is happening while Kawhi Leonard and coach Popovich meet to discuss the future of the defensive juggernaut. Most people expect that he ends up in LA with Lebron and a few other all-stars. I am not sure how I would feel about another superteam forming in the west and particularly in the same division as the Suns, but we will find out how the chips fall soon.
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