Cardinals Win With Help From the Old Guys

So, the Cardinals played their best game of the season and almost blew it in the second half.
After the massive news of the trade for Adrian Peterson from the saints for a 6th round pick, you could feel the buzz of excitement. On AP’s first carry he burst through the hole and carried a couple of defenders with him for eight yards, and the fans exploded. That energy gave the Cardinals what they needed the rest of the first half when they went up 24-0.
It was the first time in NFL history that three players with 40,000 yards passing, 10,000 yard rushing and 10,000 yards receiving all started a game for the same team. The same is true for touchdowns also, 300 total TDs for Carson, 100 total for Fitz, and 100 total for AP is the largest combination of career touchdowns on any team, ever. In yesterday’s game, they all played amazingly. Carson went 18/22 and three TDs, AP had 136 yards 2 TDs, while Larry made ten catches for 138 yards and a touchdown look easy.
Those are all fun stats, but the real change came on the offensive line. You guys all know that rant and rave about line play. They stepped up. Carson was not sacked until their final drive of the first half, and it was a coverage sack. He was sacked twice and hit four times in the game. That was better than a couple of drives the Cardinals had in previous games. I love that the Oline is coming together at the right time.
Finally the bad. We let them score 33 points in the second half. 27 in the fourth quarter. Patrick Peterson injured his quad that he was nursing all week in practice and didn’t play in the fourth. Larry fumbled, and it was returned for a TD, and we punted twice. Even after all of that, the game never felt like it was out of Arizona’s control.
I am hoping that this momentum will help them as they travel across the pond to London to play the Rams next week. This is a huge division game that the Cardinals have to win. The vibe has changed in Arizona, and I love it.
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