Start Playing HQ Today

It is 6:01 PM Pacific Time and I am about to play one of the coolest games available on the computer you carry in your pocket. At least twice a day every day, there is a live mobile event that lets you answer 12 multiple choice questions for a chance to win cash.

You and anywhere from 500,000 to 2 million of your closest friends will be a watching a live stream that takes your bar trivia up a notch with a share of at least $5,000 dollars up for grabs. The questions start out easy and get harder as you go, but don’t worry since each question is accompanied by three multiple choice answers so you will at least have a chance for a guess. It’s suitable for kids and is a blast to play as a family. My family has worked out a system to maximize our chances of winning and have gotten to question 10 and 11 in our most recent attempts.

Update: Gosh dang it. Burning man is in the Black Rock Desert and not the Mohave. I am out at question five this time. 

Later on tonight, there will be a HQ Sports version of the game played from the same app, but you have to follow them on Twitter to find out when those games are being played. The prize pools for the sports games are lower with the winners getting a share of $1,000.

But that is not all. On Sunday nights they have special games with a prize pool of $25,000 and they often have sponsored quizzes with prizes as big as $400,000! So download the app, gather some friends or family and get ready to quiz for cash.

If you refer a friend you get a free life that you can use once a game on any question other than Q12. So, if for some reason you have no friends you can use LennyLetcher as a referral code and hook me up. Have fun guys.