Post Season Hopes Alive and Well

The Cardinals had a dreadful start to their season. Only 14% of teams to start 1-3 have made the playoffs and the Cardinals hope to join that select few. 

Their win over a very bad 49ers team with back up QB Drew Stanton helped a lot. Pulling them one game away from being .500 on the season and giving them a win in the division was huge. 

Importantly, Carson Palmer will be back for the Monday night showdown against the NY Jets. Todd Bowles knows a lot bout this team, but the Cards also know Bowles. This game could go either way. A defensive struggle that tests the Cardinals ability to close, or with extra rest this week the Cardinals could run through the Jets easily. Either way it is hard not to see an Arizona victory. 

This will still be a big test for Palmer who has played below the standard he set for himself in 2015. Is time to bury those expectations created last year or can he prove it was just a slow start? Cardinals fans are hopeful for the later and fearful of the former. 

I am in the Dominican Republic for the Monday game, so this will be my last post for the week, but I expect a big win. I am hopeful that I will get to make a fool of myself cheering for the Cards in front of some new friends. 

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