The way too soon, season prediction. Part 6  

As of now I have the Cards sitting at 12-2 with two games to go. 

It is unfortunate that the Cards finish with two games on the road and even worse it is two division games. These two games could go from having a first round bye to wild card. 

At this point I have the Seahawks at 10-4 and they would jump ahead of the Cards with the division record tie breaker if the Cards lose to Seattle and Rams consecutively.

Similarly the Cards have a shot to win the NFC with these two games. Carolina has fairly easy schedule, but their division has gotten better. 

It is crazy to think the the opening game of the season will have so much riding on it, but if Carolina wins they are in the driver seat fro the rest of the season. Carolina would have to lose more games than the Cards considering they have the head to head tie break. 

Now for the predictions. 

Cardinals 17- Seattle 24

Seattle is a very dangerous team and while the Cards have had their number at home in the past, it is a tough hill to climb. The games stays interesting and with the Cardinals quick strike ability they have shot to come back late, but Carson will force something and it will end our chances. 

Frank Clark has a good game against the rookie right tackle, but our run games fair s better than most against the Seattle front seven. 

Cardinals 28- Rams 10

Jared Goff has a whole season under his belt at this point, but he is not ready for the Cardinals pass rush. The Cards get a ton of chances with the ball and will ha e some three and outs, but they will get a couple short fields and capitalize. 

David Johnson has a shot to go over 2000 all purpose yards in this game and we try to feed him. 

After this the cards end up with a bye and finish second in the NFC. The Seahawks are rewarded with a trip to Greenbay. Panthers and Cards are waiting to see the results of the other wild card game between the Cowboys and Minnesota. 

I know, I know how am I picking Minnesota? Bradford is a capable QB and the real knock against him is his health. Remember the assumption made in article one, that QBs and major players for teams will stay healthy. So if he can stay on the field I think Minnestoa is good enough for that last spot. 

Thanks for following along with my Nostradamus like predictions. I will be posting as the season goes, looking back at these to laugh at what I thought would happen. 


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