The way too soon, season prediction. Part 5

Alright Card fans, this is a very important three game stretch for us and it will have big time playoff implications. As it sits now I have us at 9-2, but best case 10-1 and worst case 7-4 are both possibilities.

So in the event the the worst case does happen and we can rattle off three in a row here we will still be an 11 win team at worst.

This is not me walking any of my predictions back, but I just want to talk about a few end of season scenarios that could play out. I think that with the three wins that I am about to predict, we will be in the driver seat to win the division.

If you are wondering what the heck I am talking about go back to Part 1 and catch up with us.

Cardinals 27- Redskins 14

Kirk Cousins and Josh Norman make the trip to Arizona and will leave the Grand Canyon State disappointed. I think that both are very good players, but our defense is playing with fire after coming off a tough loss in Atlanta and they take it to the Redskins early. If I didn’t have as much respect for Cousins as I do, I might predict that they don’t score a touchdown.

I think that Palmer does a good job protecting the ball and finds Larry for a pair of touchdowns as our running game continues to be one of the best in the league.

The conversation of Harold Goodwin being a head coach next year really starts to intensify after this win.

Cardinals 24- Dolphins 10

I am going to predict that I will be going to this game. It is over my birthday weekend and if I put this into the universe it just might happen. The Cards will not disappoint on this trip.

The weather might be windy and or rainy, but our ground attack will be the difference again. I think this is a game where we are reminded just how explosive Andre Ellington is and he may score on special teams as well as the passing game.

Arian Foster could give us some trouble, but the depth of our defensive line will have us at peak performance at this point of the year, while everyone else is nursing bumps and bruises.

Cardinals 35- Saints 20

This is a high scoring affair with the Cards never really in trouble, but the Saints will keep it interesting throughout. They have a very potent offense with Drew Brees and Mark Ingram, but their defense is still expected to be one of the worst in the league. The 35 points we put up on their D will be more about how bad they are rather than how good we are.

Carson again has one of those games that gives us hope that he is everything we need him to be for this to be a special year. Alright everyone, one more post to go. We are at 12-2 with two games left in the regular season.

We are in command of the division, but like last year chasing the Panthers. I will try to cover a couple of the scenairos that could be happening as we are getting ready to head into the playoffs.


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