UFC 203

A great night of fights just happened and it felt like lots of people missed it. Twitter was quiet compared to some fights that I have followed in the past. I know many people are looking ahead to UFC 205 already, but they did miss out on some good action.

It started strong with a women’s flyweight fight. There was a very good ground fight with some high level Jiu Jitzu. Joanne Calderwood was slick and looked very aggressive off of her back, but Jessica Andrade was too strong and kicked her way into a very nice guillotine choke.

Jimmy Rivera outclassed Uriah Faber and made a legend look very pedestrian. No side-to-side movement from Faber left him standing right in front of Rivera for strong counters and effective low kicks. It was an easy 30-27 decision.

Mickey Gall destroyed CM Punk. Joe Rogan said it best during the telecast that this is what a brown belt vs. a white belt looks like. I am not sure that the CM Punk experiment turned out as many new fans as the UFC would have liked.

Fabricio Werdum looked decent in his win over Travis Browne. The first round was as action packed as Anyone could have hoped. A flying side kick, a somersault, a near RNC, and what should have been a fight ending broken finger. The referee inexplicably gave Browne a timeout to look at his broken finger and let the fight go on after consulting doctors. All of that happened in the first five minutes. Werdum looked strong and almost finished the fight ending the round landing shots in back mount.

The rest of the fight was much more muted as both guys looked to land big shots, but only landed few and far between. Werdume won on all three score cards.

The Championship Fight

The final fight of the night was fantastic. The crowd was on fire for their hometown hero and he delivered. Stipe Miocic was caught early with the right and was put into a deep guillotine. He started escaping perfectly right away, slipping out to the opposite side of the choke. There were some very good exchanges that followed with some even better dirty boxing from Miocic. Allister Overeem was tough and survived some big shots and landed a couple more of his own. He threw a sloppy low side kick and was taken down. That is when Miocic took advantage and he grounded and pounded Overeem unconscious.

After the fight, Overeem said he felt Miocic tap when he slapped on the guillotine. Joe Rogan handled it perfectly by pulling up the video and asking Overeem to watch. He was respectful to Overeem, but he held him accountable to it not happening.

I am interested to see how the heavyweight division looks going forward. It is going to be an interesting end of the year.

Picture credit: Ester Lin MMA Fighting.

Three Things To Watch: Cardinals vs. Patriots

Sunday Night Football and NBC have to be pretty upset right now. They have been licking their chops at this first Sunday night game since the schedule was announced. Poised to be a huge game, they had two teams with very high expectations pitted against each other. With multiple starters missing for the Patriots offense, it is not looking to stack up as competitively as it did before the injuries and suspensions.

Regardless of the competitiveness of the game here are some things to watch on Sunday night.

1. Will Jimmy Garoppolo be able to pick on rookie corner, Brandon Williams?

Knowing Peterson is on one side and Tyrann Mathieu is in the slot, Garoppolo would be wise to choose a rookie to throw at. Williams will be challenged all day and he will give up some catches. It is important that he make the most of any  opportunity to get his hands on the ball.

2.What does Honeybadger 3.0 look like?

Tryann Mathieu has been one of the most valuable players on the Cardinals roster despite being sidelined with injuries his first three seasons. Will he be able to make the plays we expect of him or will he show some rust like he did coming of his first ACL injury?

3. Can Carson Palmer get it going?

After a poor preseason showing, Carson Palmer has to start his season like he did last year. Converting on third down, in the red zone and protecting the ball. The Patriots D is almost at full strength and is going to give us a good look at how Carson is going to play this year.

Let’s hope for the Cards to take advantage of the opportunity and take another step toward their much larger goals.


Cam Newton: Above the Law?

There was an outrage last year after Jeff Fisher let his QB stay in the game and continue to play after receiving what looked like a concussion causing hit.

Today, the Panthers got away with the same thing. I am not here to argue the idiocy of offsetting penalties for grounding when your QB is blown up with a hit to the helmet. That call flies directly in the face of the player safety stance that the league is committed to.

It just appeared to me and a lot of people watching that if it is the fourth quarter and your team is trying to make a come back on the national stage, player safety rules go out the window.

Social Media reacted right away to the hit.


I don’t 100% agree with Bill Simmons, but this will be a national story for the morning sports talk shows. However, it will die off quickly if Cam Newton shows up tomorrow on camera and looks “OK” during any interviews.

On the other hand if Cam does show up on the injury report with concussion symptoms expect this story to take over the world. The major risk to a player that has had a concussion is to suffer a second one without recovering from the first. If Cam did suffer any type of brain injury on that play, he was out there facing very real and even life threatening danger.

I won’t jump to any conclusions at this point and during his post game interview Cam looked to be himself, but we will know more tomorrow.


The way too soon, season prediction. Part 6  

As of now I have the Cards sitting at 12-2 with two games to go. 

It is unfortunate that the Cards finish with two games on the road and even worse it is two division games. These two games could go from having a first round bye to wild card. 

At this point I have the Seahawks at 10-4 and they would jump ahead of the Cards with the division record tie breaker if the Cards lose to Seattle and Rams consecutively.

Similarly the Cards have a shot to win the NFC with these two games. Carolina has fairly easy schedule, but their division has gotten better. 

It is crazy to think the the opening game of the season will have so much riding on it, but if Carolina wins they are in the driver seat fro the rest of the season. Carolina would have to lose more games than the Cards considering they have the head to head tie break. 

Now for the predictions. 

Cardinals 17- Seattle 24

Seattle is a very dangerous team and while the Cards have had their number at home in the past, it is a tough hill to climb. The games stays interesting and with the Cardinals quick strike ability they have shot to come back late, but Carson will force something and it will end our chances. 

Frank Clark has a good game against the rookie right tackle, but our run games fair s better than most against the Seattle front seven. 

Cardinals 28- Rams 10

Jared Goff has a whole season under his belt at this point, but he is not ready for the Cardinals pass rush. The Cards get a ton of chances with the ball and will ha e some three and outs, but they will get a couple short fields and capitalize. 

David Johnson has a shot to go over 2000 all purpose yards in this game and we try to feed him. 

After this the cards end up with a bye and finish second in the NFC. The Seahawks are rewarded with a trip to Greenbay. Panthers and Cards are waiting to see the results of the other wild card game between the Cowboys and Minnesota. 

I know, I know how am I picking Minnesota? Bradford is a capable QB and the real knock against him is his health. Remember the assumption made in article one, that QBs and major players for teams will stay healthy. So if he can stay on the field I think Minnestoa is good enough for that last spot. 

Thanks for following along with my Nostradamus like predictions. I will be posting as the season goes, looking back at these to laugh at what I thought would happen. 


The way too soon, season prediction. Part 5

Alright Card fans, this is a very important three game stretch for us and it will have big time playoff implications. As it sits now I have us at 9-2, but best case 10-1 and worst case 7-4 are both possibilities.

So in the event the the worst case does happen and we can rattle off three in a row here we will still be an 11 win team at worst.

This is not me walking any of my predictions back, but I just want to talk about a few end of season scenarios that could play out. I think that with the three wins that I am about to predict, we will be in the driver seat to win the division.

If you are wondering what the heck I am talking about go back to Part 1 and catch up with us.

Cardinals 27- Redskins 14

Kirk Cousins and Josh Norman make the trip to Arizona and will leave the Grand Canyon State disappointed. I think that both are very good players, but our defense is playing with fire after coming off a tough loss in Atlanta and they take it to the Redskins early. If I didn’t have as much respect for Cousins as I do, I might predict that they don’t score a touchdown.

I think that Palmer does a good job protecting the ball and finds Larry for a pair of touchdowns as our running game continues to be one of the best in the league.

The conversation of Harold Goodwin being a head coach next year really starts to intensify after this win.

Cardinals 24- Dolphins 10

I am going to predict that I will be going to this game. It is over my birthday weekend and if I put this into the universe it just might happen. The Cards will not disappoint on this trip.

The weather might be windy and or rainy, but our ground attack will be the difference again. I think this is a game where we are reminded just how explosive Andre Ellington is and he may score on special teams as well as the passing game.

Arian Foster could give us some trouble, but the depth of our defensive line will have us at peak performance at this point of the year, while everyone else is nursing bumps and bruises.

Cardinals 35- Saints 20

This is a high scoring affair with the Cards never really in trouble, but the Saints will keep it interesting throughout. They have a very potent offense with Drew Brees and Mark Ingram, but their defense is still expected to be one of the worst in the league. The 35 points we put up on their D will be more about how bad they are rather than how good we are.

Carson again has one of those games that gives us hope that he is everything we need him to be for this to be a special year. Alright everyone, one more post to go. We are at 12-2 with two games left in the regular season.

We are in command of the division, but like last year chasing the Panthers. I will try to cover a couple of the scenairos that could be happening as we are getting ready to head into the playoffs.


The way too soon, season prediction. Part 4

Alright, we are back after the Cardinals bye week and we have three very winnable games in front of us. I would love to see us come out of this stretch standing at 10-1, but I am afraid that is not going to happen.

You can check out the first part of this series here to catch up with us in this post, where I pick up in week 10.

Now for the predictions.

Cardinals 38- 49ers 10

This is an easy win at home against a division opponent. They are not very good and Chip Kelly likes to have his own players in his system and he has not been able to make that happen yet with this roster.

The 49ers are over-matched at every position and we will be able to take advantage coming off the bye. We have seen Chip Kelly’s offense and we know the personnel very well. That is a bad combination for a team with sub-par talent.

Carson gets some confidence and our defense is upset that they even gave up 10 points to this team.

Cardinals 20- Vikings 13

This was going to be a much more difficult game with a healthy Teddy Bridgwater, but we all know what happened there. I wrote an article about Adrian Peterson being the most important non QB to a team, you can check out that post here. As important as AP is to this team, it was so much more difficult to defend the Vikings with a decent QB leading the team. Now with Sam Bradford, who has to learn a new offense again in his career and is not as big of a threat to beat you over the top, slowing down AP seems possible.

The Cardinals do struggle with this defense on the road, but the Vikings won’t be able to get much going on offense either. We do enough and win with a comfortable one touchdown difference.

Cardinals 24- Falcons 30

The Falcons are as dangerous as any team in the league. They have an improved offensive line and a committee of running backs that can hurt you in many different ways. Oh, and some guy named Julio Jones that is ranked in the top 5 in every fantasy draft I have been a part of.

The Cardinals always struggle on back to back road games, especially when the second game is on the east coast. This will be a tight game and we may even have a chance to win in the last half of the fourth quarter, but I think this is one of those games that we fall short on.

Our run game and offense look good overall, but this will be the worst of defense looks all year.

If I am right on our record at this point of the season, I will be very happy. 9-2 with three non divisional games ahead is a great place to be. We will take a commanding lead in the division and that could change how we play our last two games of the season on the road.

But here I go looking too far down the road. It will be important the Cards don’t start looking ahead at this point of the year either. 

Next I will take my shot at predicting the Redskins, Dolphins, and Saints games. 


The way too soon, season prediction. Part 3

Here we go. I have just over one week to complete all my predictions, so I better get to writing. Here is week seven through nine, which gives me a little bit of a break since week nine the Cardinals are off on a bye.

I think that I have been procrastinating this post since it will be the first loss that I give to the Cards, but more on that in a minute.

In part one of this series I explain some assumptions so you can refer back to that here.

Now the predictions.

Cardinals 31- Seahawks 28

This will be the second home game in a row after a tough Jets team was in town. The Seahawks have already had their bye and are coming off of a home game against the Falcons. They are going to be ready for the trip and have won in AZ for five years in a row. That streak will end this week. It will be a high scoring game despite both teams having stellar defenses.

Jimmy Graham will take advantage of some match-ups on the outside and the Cards won’t be able to make the adjustments until late. But our improved run game will wear down that very good Seahawk front seven and we win on a late drive lead by David Johnson.

Cardinals 20- Panthers 28

The Panthers, like the Seahawks, are flying high at this point of the season and we have just played two very tough defenses. The trip to the east coast makes this an even bigger challenge. I think that Palmer will have some success through the air with the absence of Josh Norman, but Cam is just too tough to stop at home. His four touchdowns will be too much to overcome.

Our defense will make some plays though. It won’t be the Cam show that he will put on most teams this year. He has to challenge Peterson and P2 rises to the occasion with his first interception of the year. Maybe two.

Like I said earlier, week 9 is a bye and after these last three games we have earned it. Now let’s hope the Cards get back into our winning ways and build some momentum going into the back half of the schedule.

Let’s go Cards.


New York City

What is it about this City? Songs are written about it. Movies and TV shows are filmed there, including my all-time favorite TV show, Friends. Millions of tourists are drawn to this City every year.

What is it about New York that seems so intriguing? The lights? The action and excitement? For me, it is the feeling that those who live in New York have it all figured out, even if their lives are not perfect.

In my mind, a New Yorker is someone who followed their dreams to the Big City, someone who knows what they want and they are going for it. They wear the new fashions, have a close group that they hang out with, Friends if you will, who love their individual quirks and live in an always beautiful, rent-controlled apartment.

New York gives me a sense of belonging even in a rushed environment because everyone has the same goal; to be successful in following their passion. A goal that has been mine for as long as I can remember.

Only one problem. How do I find my passion? What do I want to be successful doing? That is where I draw a blank and envy the put together citizens of New York.

How do I become a New Yorker? Do I return to the dreaded snow and cold that I have not missed once since I moved from Canada? Or can I create the same sense of belonging and following my dreams here in Arizona?

I need to find my passion, build up my support system and find a way to create a balanced life while striving to follow my dreams.

I need to find my New York.



The way too soon, season prediction. Part 2

The second installment of my predictions for the 2016 cardinals season will cover games four through six and give you my thoughts for what to expect in each game.

Just like the first post, we will start with a couple of assumptions that I am making to create this breakdown. The Cardinals will stay relatively healthy. No injuries to the nine guys that made the most recent NFL top 100 list or who play thin position groups like cornerback or O-line. But, I am making that assumption for all of our opponents as well.

Cardinals 24 – Rams 10

The Rams always play the division tough and have caused most of the season ending injuries to the Cardinals in recent years. This game will start slow as both teams are more than familiar with each other, but the Cardinals are the better team so they will pull away late in the second and early in the third quarter.

Carson Palmer will throw an interception, but he will have a good game against one of our division rivals. This will also be a rough game for A.Q. Shipley going up against Aaron Donald, but the run game will be able to convert a couple critical third and short situations.

The Rams will not be able to move the ball on us much. Todd Gurley will put up decent numbers, but won’t break the 100 yard mark and we win this game easily.

Cardinals 40 – Niners 17

The second division game of the year for us and the first on the road. We have always been comfortable in Levi’s stadium and will be again. The Niners do not have the fire power on offense or anything that worries me on offense. We won’t overlook a division opponent and will take it to them.

Regardless of who they have under center, they won’t be able to move the ball until garbage time in the fourth quarter.

Carson has his best game yet and has a clean pocket all game. This will be the game that everyone points out to say what is possible if we protect Carson and give him time to throw.

Cardinals 27 – Jets 20

This is going to be a smash mouth football game. Todd Bowles will have his defense ready and they are talented. Revis island will take away an entire side of the field, but our tight ends and running backs will be the difference.

The Cardinals will have to convert again on some of those huge third and short situations and play nearly perfect in the red zone. We have to come up with points on every trip inside the Jets 25 yard line. This will be a tough game for D.J. Humphries, but he will grow during this match-up with the front seven of the Jets.

We are the better team here, but their defense and coaching will be somewhat of an equalizer.

I am excited to be 6-0 and this point with a game with our division rival coming up. Will we be able to keep our momentum or will we fail to protect the nest again? I will write my prediction soon and you can let me know if you agree.


Colin Kaepernick 

The entire country has been talking about a football player not standing for the National Anthem.

I have been quiet on the subject for days waiting to see what the conversation would be. On one hand, this is the largest dialogue I have seen on police brutality and people acknowledging that there is an issue. The other argument is that he took attention away from the real issue and made it about how he protested the violence.

Here is my truth. Carmelo Anthony got one mention in the news for his article, Jordan the same for his statement, the players at the ESPY’s overshadowed by John Cena’s monologue, and had the players from the Minnesota Lynx not been fined for their demonstration, they would have not been mentioned at all.

Kaep has had the news covering a real issue in our country for almost a week.

It is human nature to want people to believe and think like we do. We vote over it, we worship it and start wars over our own truths. One truth to most Americans is that the National Anthem and ceremony is sacred. Kaep made us question that and it is uncomfortable.

During the anthem at Cardinals games I watch thousands of people ordering their beer in line at the stadium, chatting with friends and being disrespectful for no reason at all. As a veteran, I am not offended by an American using his platform to peacefully protest. Maybe he should have chosen a different method to take a stand, but I can’t argue the effectiveness of starting the conversation.


Editors note: As this is being typed, this is the lead story on CNN.com ahead of any of the election coverage.