Future of the Arizona Cardinals Wide Receiver Position

Going into the 2016 season, the Arizona Cardinals had one of the top receiving corps in the NFL. By the end of the season, the Cardinals had more questions than answers at the position. Going into the offseason, Arizona will have to address the position in either the draft of through free agency.

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How You Lose When You Win in The UFC

Since the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) kicked of 2017 in my adopted hometown yesterday, I figured it would be fitting to write about something I have intended to write about for sometime.

For those not familiar with the UFC, they are the big leagues of Mixed Martial Arts. Fighters reaching this level are at the top of their sport. Much like boxing, fighters work their way up the rankings by winning fights eventually earning a title shot if they are able to win enough fights against other ranked competitors.

Now the scenario I just laid out above is not quite accurate. There are many other factors in play. For example, injuries, other fighters schedules, UFC Fighter Rankings, etc.  For these reasons and others, you don’t always see the number 1 and 2 fighters fighting for title belt in their division.

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